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Ça Plane pour Moi - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

I firmly believe that you can never have too many versions of a great song. As yet another example to prove my point, I offer you the 1977 classic from Plastic Bertrand, Ça Plane pour Moi, remade over the course of the past three decades by an awful lot of people as everything from beach-party surf rock to pure punk to a country-fried version in English from The Bosshoss. For your Monday enjoyment, I offer eleven versions in the original French, the aforementioned English take, and a bonus cover in Spanish titled Olvidemos el Romance released in 2009 by Lost Acapulco. Be warned that the Pigloo version sounds like a cheap copy of The Chipmunks at the beginning. It doesn't get much better, unless you like that sort of thing, but the cheesy computerized voice goes away, at least. Lest you believe the song abandoned by its original performers, Plastic Bertrand recorded a version of it themselves last year with The Lost Fingers. Ça plane pour moi, aussi. There, I've exhausted my French. I hope you're happy.

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