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Green Atari Teenage Riot Jelly

Legbamel Not-Pop

Fair warning, these are NFSW, big-time. For no apparent reason, I was listening to Atari Teenage Riot today (Sex Law Penetration, if you’re curious) and it reminded me of what used to be called Green Jellö back when I got their first album and they hadn’t yet been sued into changing their name to the far-less-entertaining Green Jelly. The song, of course, is House Me Teenage Rave. The mental connection came not really through the sound of the songs, although there is a passing similarity, but through the word teenage. Ah, the imprecations to “put me on the wheel” that my co-worker used to sing to me!

Naturally, I had to listen to these two teenage hormone songs in juxtaposition to one another and that meant sharing with you, my darlings. I would never let you miss such a combination. And should you have missed the band back when they were actually clever and Three Little Pigs was a cult hit, do have a listen to the first album. I wonder if that old cassette is worth anything, post-lawsuit. Nabisco or whoever might pay me a bit to keep the Green Jelly Theme Song with their repeated declaration that "Green Jell-O sucks!" off The NPJ, at least. Whoops! Too late. [Disclaimer: I actually like lime Jell-O, as long as you keep the fruits and veggies out of it. Please don’t sue me, enormous corporation.]

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