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Old McDonald Had Some Swing

Legbamel Not-Pop

As a reward for being patient with me while I was yet again out of town, I offer you two swingin' takes on Old McDonald today. I was actually looking to see if the new Ladysmith Black Mambazo take on the song (from their new album "Songs From a Zulu Farm") had made it to Grooveshark yet. It hasn't, but these two should tide you over until it does. Ella scats in her typical, devil-may-care-about-the-lyrics style and Elvis, well, Elvis Presley threatens the farm animals if they misbehave. Apparently, he was hungry when they recorded this. I don't know, Chicken Fricassee sounds pretty good right about now to me, too. It must be time for lunch.

I promise not to take another week off any time in the near future, my dears. I hope you had a lovely time as well and I will get back to my regularly scheduled twenty songs a month in February. Anyone have a request?

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