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Here We Go Let's Rock and Roll - C&C Music Factory

Legbamel Not-Pop

Hands up, everyone who remembers the C&C Music Factory! Oh, please, put your hands down, I can't see you. It was just a figure of speech. But today I've decided to share a song I heard plenty, back at the cusp of the 1990s. I seem to be trapped in 1990 lately, but I'm going to share just one more. I always thought this song sounded like someone had kidnapped Ice-T and trapped him in a club somewhere. Upon listening to it again, well, it still sounds like that to me. I'm trying this new iframe thing so please do let me know if the video isn't working. In theory The NPJ is becoming "mobile device friendly" so hopefully you can all check in with me from your phones and tablets, thus allowing you to play any song for your friends and family and share the wondrous nature of my...okay, I can't even finish that sentence. Enjoy the song and I'll try for something a little less than 20 years old for tomorrow.

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