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Ba Ba Ba - Miss Li

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let's have something a little wacky, a little crazy, and a little sweet for the new year. Miss Li, or Linda Carlsson if you're not a fan of stage names, is one of those musicians who definitely has a "sound". I listened to a good whack of her stuff in a row this morning and I must admit after a while I could no longer tell when one song ended and another one started if I wasn't paying attention.

That does not by any means translate into a condemnation of that sound, however. I find Miss Li to be quirky and enjoyable, despite a voice that screamed "twee" at me when I first heard it. She turns that voice on its ear by being snarky and sassy in turns. Since I have a weakness for nonsense songs in general I thought I'd include Ba Ba Ba as a great example of a song that isn't about sheep.

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