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Everybody Loves a Train - Los Lobos

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm willing to bet every one of you has La Bamba in your heads right now after reading the title for this post. But Los Lobos was more about honky-tonkin' and bluesy rock than that one song. Sure, they could get their Latin groove on as they amply demonstrated on the soundtrack for Desperado but most of the albums fall somewhere between a rockabilly sound and some honest, hard rock. It's that side of Los Lobos I want to share today. And so, for a Friday night, enjoy a gritty, driving little tune from a band most known for singing a Richie Valens bit of nonsense that happens to be a great song in its own right. If you like Everybody Loves a Train, take a trip on the Los Lobos express at Grooveshark. Send them my compliments for fixing their widgets, while you're at it.

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