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Skankin' to the Beat - Fishbone

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've had Skankin' to the Beat stuck in my head all morning. Pleasurable thought that has been, it did force me to consider how slang from one fan base can confuse people in general. These days, skank is used as a noun or an adjective, describing a girl you might end up paying for her time, if you will, rather than the noun or verb to describe a particular dance with which ska fans are quite familiar (whether or not they know the name). And so to me this song may be about dancing and ska music in general while someone unfamiliar with term may come away with a very different idea of the song's intent.

And so I refer you to the How to Skank video at YouTube and Skankin' to the Beat as practice music. Note the subtle "history of ska" lesson hidden in the video. How many of you have skanked and didn't even know it?

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