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You Pick the Winner! DJ Schmolli vs. DJ Lobsterdust

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today we have a double-download, down and dirty, mashup-a-mashup contest built around the Beastie Boys and No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn. First up: DJ Schmolli with Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman, in which the Beastie Boys are joined by The Ting Tings and Metallica. I know, you can't imagine anything better than such a genre-bending combination. But wait! You haven't considered DJ Lobsterdust's Brooklyn Rocks in which he's replaced The Ting Tings with Joan Jett and dropped Metallica altogether.

For me, this one is too close to call. You can download Shutup Brooklyn Sandman and Brooklyn Rocks for yourself, for free, from their respective sites and let me know what you think. That is, after all, what You Pick the Winner is all about.

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