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You Pick the Winner Redux: The Blues Brothers and Wynonie Harris

Legbamel Not-Pop

The other day I posted two songs about a mysterious “she” who wanted only to dance. I asked you to pick the winner in that epic battle between Don Henley and Keb’ Mo’. I have a pair of late entrant to that contest, my dears. The Blues Brothers tapped my on my metaphorical shoulder this morning and threw their black hats onto the stage with All She Wants to Do Is Rock. As the contest is tied a zero all, I thought it wouldn’t affect the results much to allow the entry. Then I thought I'd include the guy who had the original hit in 1949 so I let Wynonie Harris into the competition, too.

I’m still curious to know about this woman who seems to really get around and sounds like as big a music fan as I am. She was in Chicago with the Blues Brothers, somewhere in South America with Don Henley, and out in LA with Keb’ Mo’. Who could she be? Any suggestions, names of other songs about her, or votes on which of the songs was done best are welcome…unless you say Carmen Sandiego. That’s just not funny.

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