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You Pick the Winner: Don Henley vs. Keb' Mo'

Legbamel Not-Pop

You would think that two songs with such similar titles as All She Wants to Do Is Dance and She Just Wants to Dance would have a lot in common, lyrically. And yet Keb’ Mo’ understands that sometimes you just want to go out dancing, not get picked up by the frisky guys at the bar. Don Henley, on the other hand, follows up the title line with “and make romance.”

The songs actually tackle completely different topics. Keb’ Mo’ sings about a woman who has come out to enjoy herself while Mr. Henley talks about someone who’s fighting apparently in the midst of some guerrilla war in a drug-based economy who just wants to dance while her fellow revelers are actually running guns in the men's room.

That’s not the point of You Pick the Winner, though. The point is that you will inevitably like one of these songs more than the other. Leave me a comment voting for one or the other: classic 80s rock or the blues.

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