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Who Stole My Radio? - Shemekia Copeland

Legbamel Not-Pop

I wrote a post about following the breadcrumb trail from Shemekia Copeland to Black Cat Bone but I never have posted a song from that rockin' blues woman. It seems like today wants something rousing. For your enjoyment this fine Friday evening (or whatever time it may be) have a horn-filled romp that asks, "Who Stole My Radio?" Having had to ask myself this question before, I know her pain.

Okay, in my case someone really did steal my radio. But I think we can all sympathize with her real question, which is, "Who stole all of the good music that people used to play on the radio and replaced with this pap that doesn't move me?" I presume she hasn't gotten an answer to that question outside of Tower of Power's Rhythm & Business. in general it seems to be "record companies". But then you realize that she's got a contract so how bad could the music industry really be?

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