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Squib Cakes - Tower of Power

Legbamel Not-Pop

This post is dedicated to AngieA of BlogCatalog, with whom I once briefly engaged in a mutual love-fest for Tower of Power. I was shocked to realize that I haven't posted a ToP song since January, 2009. I am often shocked at how few people know of Tower of Power at all, this horn-filled bundle of funk and soul. Then again, not everyone goes weak at the knees from a truly grand horn flourish, either. I know that I've frequently written of my love for enormous bands, generally based on the statistical probability that more members equals a higher likelihood of brass instruments. Tower of Power simply illustrates a part of the source of that love. I thought I'd share Squib Cakes because it's mostly a series of solos but it holds enough funk to keep you interested for the whole seven and a half minutes, plus there are some great blasts that start around the 6:30 mark.

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