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Rag Mop - Ray Gelato Meets the Good Fellas

Legbamel Not-Pop

You never know where your musical explorations will lead you. Today mine took me to the 1950 and a wacky little hit called Rag Mop. Not only is it almost doo wop (but not quite) but they misspell rag and mop many times over the course of the song. Yet while I was deploring the silliness the song still got my toes a-tappin’. The Ames Brothers recorded the one that surprised me today but I also found versions from Lionel Hampton and Jimmy Dorsey who also apparently had big hits with the song. But it was the one from Ray Gelato Meets the Good Fellas that grabbed me for sheer bizarrity and use of Italian so I thought I'd include that one. You can find several at Grooveshark, of course.

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