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O Shot - The Gay Blades

Legbamel Not-Pop

For the most part, The Gay Blades make me go, "Meh." They're pretty good but not the sort of band that makes my ears perk up and listen. They're standard fare--competent and listenable, catchy name, but essentially indistinguishable from a hundred others. Somehow, though, O Shot snuck its way into my head and stayed there.

The song has turned into an earworm that returns again and again, reminding me that I "should have had a lot of fun". As I type this it is beating against the back of my brain, requiring that I share it with you. Don't you love to hate that? Share some of your earworms with me, my dears (as if I need more songs wandering around this beat-filled brain of mine). Which songs have crept into your heads and sneak out to poke you when you least expect it?

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