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Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On - Eddy "Professor" Lusk w/Gloria Hardiman

Legbamel Not-Pop

I recently came into a huge pile of half-tagged, loosely organized music. I've been categorizing and tagging it for days. As I cruise through the thousands of songs, I uncover treasure after treasure hidden between Elton John songs and mis-labeled tracks from "Willy" Nelson. A cover of Jeannie Cheatham's Meet Me with Your Black Drawers On leapt out at me this morning and I immediately knew that I had to share it with you. It's got a bluesy and guitar-filled sound, with a little bit of naughty and a lot of bit of fun. The song claimed to have been performed by Professor"'s Blues Revival", by which of course it meant Eddie "Professor" Lusk who recorded the song with Gloria Hardiman for his 1987 blues revue album, "The New Bluebloods". Whatever my issues with the spelling errors and sloppy genre-assignment, I remain forever grateful to the gent who shared his collection with me. With such gems hidden inside, who wouldn't be appreciative?

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