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Fire on the Mountain - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

When I think of Fire on the Mountain I think of Asa and her clear voice lamenting the ostrich-like lives of so many. Yet when I traveled over to Grooveshark to get it for a post the first results were from The Grateful Dead and Keller Williams (which is a real estate company in my neck of the woods). This stunned me, as I presumed it meant the darling Asa had covered the song.

Those of you familiar with the work of Widespread Panic and Rob Thomas likely already know what I soon discovered: not all fires on mountains are created equal and they're certainly not all the same song. It appears that the common imagery leads people in very different directions. I spent some quality time listening to the variations on the theme. I must admit that Asa's Fire on the Mountain remains my favorite. And what about you, dear listeners? Do you know other songs with this name and do you disagree with my pick?

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