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Do It, Fluid - The Blackbyrds

Legbamel Not-Pop

Theresa over at Sleeping Kitten, Dancing Dog was kind enough to introduce me to The Blackbyrds with a request that I post some jazz. I queued up a little pile and was immediately blown away by the funk that this jazz included. It turns out that I know one of the songs well--Walkin' in Rhythym, something I often do, if a little faster than the lovely song does. I don't believe I've heard it in the past fifteen years but every swoop of flute and key change, every funky sentiment was as familiar as my childhood back yard.

I needed something a bit more upbeat for posting here, though. To that end, I am happy to bring you the hand-clapping, bass-twanging, head-bopping goodness that The Blackbyrds call Do It, Fluid. It's like a little package of disco funk, wrapped up in boogie. And thanks, Theresa, for this wonderful recommendation!

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