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Bombay Club Mix

Legbamel Not-Pop

Quite some time ago I happened upon two very different bands with very similar names: Bombay Laughing Club and Bombay Bicycle Club. (I actually bumped into Tokyo Police Club about the same time but I've already posted about them.) I don't know what, if anything, these two bands have in common because it sure isn't music. Bombay Laughing Club sounds a lot like Cage the Elephant. Bombay Bicycle Club sounds a lot like a pretty typical indie band. Regardless of their differences, I still associate the two in my mind. I'm including Kill You Dead from the former and Always Like This from the latter. Let me know if you have any other "club" bands to share. (Leave out the Tom-Tom Club, though, or I'll post Wordy Rappinghood next week.)

By the way, I've finally started updating my pages with songs listed by title and by artist. I'm only up to the end of March, so far, but it takes me about an hour to add a month's worth of songs to both pages. But if you're looking for something particular (or if you'd like to browse) you can try there instead of the search bar in the sidebar.

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