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Flavor Flav - OH SNAP!!

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm not sure if OH SNAP!! intends their music to be gimmicky or if they really enjoy creating old school hip hop (and by old we're talking about 1985, here). But whatever their aim the big white boys who comprise the act manage again and again to tickle my funny bone with nostalgia and mostly-gentle mockery. I posted one of their first singles, High Top Fade months ago but I hadn't heard Flavor Flav until recently. Instead of a song about Flavor Flav, they've used the name as a synonym for all kinds of positive adjectives, including dope and fresh, words not often heard since Mr. Flav was on the charts himself. Have yourself a little retro rap party for the next few minutes and do scout around for more from these gents. I particularly recommend I'm Too Fat to Be a Hipster and Bill Cosby Sweater.

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