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Battle Star Scholastica - Hockey Night

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's sad when you hear about a band only when members have left and they are no more. Such was the case with me and Hockey Night, surprising because they hailed from the relatively-nearby Minneapolis. From the moment I first heard them, on Battle Star Scholastica I knew I'd enjoy them. They have a fuzzy, synth-pop, indie thing going on that grabbed me from the beats of the intro.

Apparently a couple of the members moved to Philadelphia and started a new band called Free Energy. I haven't heard anything from them, yet, I was just intrigued by the little news flash on the radio that Hockey Night had separated before I'd even listened to them. I love how life's little serendipitous moments bring me new and wonderful things, particularly when they're as fun as Hockey Night, short-lived though they were.

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