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Mr. Freedom - Gabin

Legbamel Not-Pop

About a year ago, I posted a song from Gabin. I promptly forgot all about it until today, when I went looking for the song Mr. Freedom from their album of the same name. I then realized that I'd posted another of the duo's songs on my Scat Singing and Nonsense Songs page. For some reason I never connected the three songs, even though two of them appear on the same album.

Lo the price we pay for individual mp3 downloads and free on-line feeds in this day and age. Had I purchased the whole album then I could have been enjoying both songs from "Mr. Freedom" plus great tunes like The Other Way Round all of this time instead of finding myself wanting to buy it now when I already own one of the tracks. You'd think I'd have learned to do more research before I buy a single song but apparently I dropped the ball on this one. Please learn from my lesson and enjoy the fruit of Gabin's labor on me.

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