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Just a Little Bit - Kids of 88

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let me first say that I like Kids of 88. I like Just a Little Bit more than a little bit. But I have a bone to pick with whoever wrote the Wikipedia article about them. They are described as a "New Wave music duo", complete with a link to the article on New Wave music that explains that there has been a fabulous revival of the sound with many artists having been influenced by 80s music that was written when they were toddlers or even before they were born. As a woman of a certain age, I categorically deny the label New Wave for any of the bands listed because, well, it's not new. I'd be okay with post-Wave, I don't mind the post-punk label for such groups, and they can have a whole new name if they like. But darlings, Kids of 88 are not New Wave. I still like 'em, though.

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