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I'm the Man - Anthrax

Legbamel Not-Pop

For those of you who missed early hip hop, Sam Kinneson, and who Anthrax used to be, I offer for you Saturday evening enjoyment the best heavy metal hip hop song known to man, complete with sound clips and...well...a distinct lack of rhymes. I'm the Man combines a lot of elements from the late 80s, when Aerosmith was recording with Run DMC and The Beastie Boys were showing people that white boys really could do this rap stuff. I had considered posting Startin' Up a Posse because it really showcases what Anthrax used to be but since the whole point of the song is to be as offensive as possible I thought it might be a bit much for my mostly-SFW style. Instead, enjoy the much less offensive (but still filled with raunchy goodness) I'm the Man and revel in the goofy goodness that was heavy metal in the 80s (as opposed to death metal, which was a whole 'nother thing).

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