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I'm Gonna Let Him Ride - Helen Humes

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've posted before that our grandparent and great-grandparents were just as dirty in their day as we are now, they just weren't as explicit. I never have compiled the play list I talked about in that post but I thought I'd share another example today of the misbehavior up to which people got 'way back in the 1940s. This time I picked a woman, in particular the feisty Helen Humes. I wanted to include My Handy Man because it was a much better example but I couldn't find her version on Grooveshark or YouTube. I did find a version from Ethel Waters but it isn't nearly as sassy as the original.

You'll have to settle for I'm Gonna Let Him Ride, which is a lot like the more-popular He May Be Your Man at the beginning but wanders off into naughtier territory as it goes. And you wonder why the young folks of today are so dirty, with ancestors like these!

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