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The Flat Fleet Floogie - Keb' Mo'

Legbamel Not-Pop

I named this song as one of my favorites of the last decade but I've never posted it. Grooveshark has been long battling to find agreements with various labels and for a time Keb' Mo' was not widely available on their site. I'm please to announce that there is now a lovely string of his work available from that site. And The Flat Fleet Floogie is still one of my favorite songs. What Grooveshark doesn't have is the amazing older versions of the song, including a great one from Louis Armstrong or the original Slim Gaillard recording. Maybe someday I'll hunt them up and find a way to post them. Until then, Keb' Mo' does a bang-up enough job with this fun tune to keep you entertained on a Saturday night.

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