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Jukebox Roots: Before We're Dead - Ferraby Lionheart

Legbamel Not-Pop

Ferraby Lionheart's Before We're Dead was one of the first songs that I posted here at The NPJ, but I never did include a way to listen to the tune itself. On this beautiful spring Thursday, as much as I adore you all, I can't be fussed with creating a long blather about something about which I already posted so I'm going to let the old post stand (you can click the link above to read it) and just give you the song here. I still think it's a fabulous song, filled with harmonies and horns enough to make even the grouchiest person start tapping his or her toes. You can listen to a whole lot more at Grooveshark if this taste whets your appetite and, yes, he was an SXSW artist (in 2007).

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