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The Clapper - Action Figure Party

Legbamel Not-Pop

Once again, I've got a band for you today that doesn't sound at all how the name led me to believe it would. I expected Action Figure Party to be some perky indie, goofy and endearing, a little like Junior Senior but geekier, with GI Joe and Star Wars references. Instead, I got a wonky sort of jazz combo with secret electro bonus material. Luckily, I like wonky jazz combos and settled in to listen to their self-titled album at length. I still admit to expecting them to sound more like their Action Figure Party song and much less like The Clapper, but it turns out that the latter holds up to repeat listens better than the former, as does most of the rest of the album.

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  1. Nice party and explaining about it very nice. thanks for the post

  2. legbamel says:

    Thanks for stopping by The NPJ!

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