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Gadget Funk - The Herbaliser

Legbamel Not-Pop

Those of us of a certain age fondly remember Inspector Gadget, that cyborg Inspector Clouseau whose sidekick kept him in check enough to defeat villains with reassuring regularity each Saturday morning. Musicians seem to be just as fond of the bumbling robo-goof as the rest of us. I've stumbled over the Inspector Gadget theme in mashups and samples repeatedly over the years. (Is it going through your head, now, too?) Today, I'd like to share both The Herbaliser and his take on the "cyborg freak" and the original theme, which has been in my head since I started writing this post. The two don't bear much relation to each other except for topic, but they're both fun and a nice touch of nostalgia for this lovely Tuesday afternoon. If you only remember that ill-begotten live action flick (Matthew Broderick, what were you thinking?!) then you deserve to hear the original and maybe hunt down a few episodes of the delightful goofiness yourself.

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