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Folkloric Feel - Apsotle of Hustle

Legbamel Not-Pop

Some band names cry out to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, sometimes the name is the best thing about the music. I regret to inform you that Apostle of Hustle fits in this category. They aren't horrible, by any means. I just wanted them to live up to the fun of their name, and maybe to show a little hustle in their music. Something funky, perhaps, with a little disco overtone that would make you want to do the hustle. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I'm sharing Folkloric Feel with you today because I thought I'd have to back up my words with some proof. That, and the review request I investigated this evening was truly ear-curdling, with a lead singer who was apparently being castrated on tape. I could hardly inflict that on you, could I?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Claire says:

    Blurgh I really like folk rock, rocky folk and that was just a mess of sounds to my ears.

  2. Briggins says:

    I completely disagree with your review. This is one of my favourite albums. Andrew Whiteman is my favourite member of Broken Social Scene and his work here shows he can deliver more than just the BSS sound in a solo project.
    He is eclectic for sure, not something you can just pick up and understand on one listen. But he writes some great poetry in his songs.
    And what do you mean about sounding like he is being castrated on tape?
    It was just some distorted vocals. I advise listening to the full album.

  3. legbamel says:

    The "castrated on tape" comment referred to the band that I decided not to review. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. If we all agreed there wouldn't be different types of music out there.

    I wanted the name Apostle of Hustle to make sense with the music. It doesn't--the sound it far too mellow for the word hustle to apply. That was my complaint and I stand by it.

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