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60 Revolutions - Gogol Bordello

Legbamel Not-Pop

For a wild and wacky Saturday night (on which I'm blogging and having a glass of wine, woo hoo) you really need something upbeat that causes you to jump up and down, preferably while saying, "Yeah!" I may not actually be jumping around just now, wasting my Cabernet, but I certainly have done so a great deal while listening to Gogol Bordello. 60 Revolutions, in particular, always makes me want to dance around the room trying to keep up with the frenetic and ever-changing pace. The folks with Gogol Bordello describe their sound as gypsy punk, which fits about as well as anything I could conjure. Besides the references to his own male parts, the band manages to keep this one pretty clean, in English at least. I don't know the translation of the other verses and I suspect that's a pretty good thing for a theoretically work-friendly blog like The NPJ. Have a fun night out (or in), folks!

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