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Jukebox Roots: Early to Bed - Morphine

Legbamel Not-Pop

One of the very first songs that I posted was the song that introduced me to Morphine: Early to Bed. Foolishly enough, I didn't search high and/or low enough to find a way to include that song in the post. Happily, I've thought to remedy that lack of knowledge today. I had intended to post only You Look Like Rain, but it's so mellow and sparse that I hesitated to let it stand alone. I can't resist a song that includes a line like, "I can tell that you taste like sky 'cause you look like rain." Why should I, with the lovely saxophone meandering about in the background? But it definitely doesn't fit the up-beat sound here at The NPJ.

Happily, I remembered that, while I had certainly included Early to Bed early in Not-Pop Jukebox history, you weren't able to listen to the song. Thus, I offer a twin-pack of Morphine to you all today, giving two glimpses into the band's sadly defunct sound. For another, you could check my post on another of their songs, Buena.

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