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Heat - RL Burnside

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's been a tough week for computer access, what with one distraction and another, so let me share with you this naughty little tune about the troubles of growing old. Until I picked up the album, "Come on In", I had intended to post Let My Baby Ride. Once I heard this little number at the end I knew it was the secret star of the set. Now I want to watch Heat to see if the two are related, but I can't remember when the movie was released. RL Burnside let this sack of goodies out in 1998, so if you happen to know when Pacino, de Niro, and Kilmer hit the silver screen please share whether the song could have been in the movie. Alternatively, you could just listen to, enjoy, and have a laugh at this song. Younguns, this one may not tickle your funny bone and you should probably have mom or dad listen and decide if they're comfortable with the subject matter.

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