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I Can't Get Behind That - William Shatner and Henry Rollins

Legbamel Not-Pop

Here we have two people who are very funny performing a rant to free-form jazzy music. I enjoy both William Shatner (when he's being upbeat, at least) and Henry Rollins (both musically and as a stand-up comedian) separately. Together, they've pulled out all of their respective stops and covered the sorts of pet peeves that make everyone crazy. I was hoping, the first time I heard this song, that it would be all English language abuses, in which case I'd have made it the theme song for my grammar blog, but it quickly branches out into global warming, bad drivers, religion, and spam. Who hasn't thought at least half of these things, if not more. I've decided to adopt the phrase I Can't Get Behind That as my personal response to the wacky things that people ask me to accept or believe in any given day. I'll let you know how many times I get to refuse to get behind something tomorrow. Until then, enjoy.

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  1. legbamel says:

    I could only find two excuses to tell someone that "I can't get behind that" over then ensuing 48 hours. I thought I'd find a way to work it in more often than that. Did anyone else manage more than one refusal a day?

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