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I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None 0' This Jelly Roll - Asleep at the Wheel & Willie Nelson

Legbamel Not-Pop

I may not be a big fan of country music but I adore Willie Nelson. His new album with Asleep at the Wheel amply demonstrates why. In particular, I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None o' This Jelly Roll and Bring It on Down to My House showcase how much enjoyment there should be in old bluesy, rollicking standards. After last years' great collaboration with Wynton Marsalis (from which you can enjoy a great version of Caldonia), I didn't think Nelson could top himself. Clearly, I was mistaken. I listen to him because he always sounds like he's having as much fun recording the music as I am listening it. You can listen to the album for free on the Willie and the Wheel web site, including a country-fried version of Corrine Corrina sure to tickle your auditory nerves.

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  1. TC says:

    You have to give respect to Willy even if your not a big country fan and I am not a big country fan. There is a jem however that I think you should check out. Her name is Jesse James. She is the next wave of country music. Go to her website and sample the tracks. My guess is she will be the next big star of country music. I am just a music fan plain and simple. Respect to all true talents regardless of genre.

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