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Bang Bang You're Dead - Dirty Pretty Things

Legbamel Not-Pop

After a few days of being snowbound, this song pretty well summed up my riotous mood at being allowed out amongst the public (without being at the mall). Thank heavens this mid-holiday week allows people time to regroup from enforced closeness before being expected to do real business. I don’t think I could take a day of providing good customer service to too many people. As is, it seems that folks have been wiped out about as much as I have by the snow storm and orgy of being nice to people. Have fun with the Dirty Pretty Things, and here's hoping that you got to enjoy some pretty or at least dirty things of your own this holiday season. While Bang Bang You're Dead may be an overreaction, at least it's uptempo enough to sustain some energy and help you fake enthusiasm this week. Or maybe it's just me.

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