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Jive Turkey - Ohio Players

Legbamel Not-Pop

As a reward for being patient through my illness and waiting patiently for another post, I offer a song that you could pretend is related to Thanksgiving, since it has "turkey" in the title, but which is really an offering of delicious 70s schmaltz from the Ohio Players. Not only do you get the lovely, horn-filled, severely-dated slang of Jive Turkey, but halfway through it turns into a funkier, bluesier instrumental song just made for mellow grooving. It's practically a two-for-one special just in time for Black Friday. Have some jive turkey this holiday season, and wait until you see what I pull out of my hat for stuffing and potatoes! (I actually have no idea what that will be, so I can hardly wait to see myself!) For flavor, I've included this lovely shot of the band on-stage in 1973. It really puts the jive in context.

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