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Don't Lose Touch - Against Me!

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm a very tactile person, and today I've been thinking about the things that I have made such a strong impression on me that I can still feel them under my hands when I think of them. I can feel the texture of the bark on the trees that I climbed incessantly in my youth, my children pushing back against my skin when I was pregnant, the spring and squish of kneading dough while making bread, the crack that the spine of a brand new book makes the first time it's opened. I think that touch gets underrated as a sense, with so much focus on vision and hearing. Naturally, there has to be a not-really-related song to go with this sappy yammering, so I'm including Don't Lose Touch, something fun from Against Me! These are the fine folks who brought you Tonight We're Gonna Give It 35%, Those Anarchist Punks Are Mysterious, and Mediocrity Gets You Pears. They also help me to continue my recent trend of song names and bands that include punctuation. Musically, these guys aren't great shakes. Lyrically, they crack me up on a regular basis. I think that's plenty of recommendation for a Monday.

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