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Seems to be on My Mind - Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

Legbamel Not-Pop

If this post doesn't cement your belief that I am a sucker for bands with inventive names, then there's nothing more that I can do. At any rate, I ran across Suburban Kids with Biblical Names on an indie-pop sampler and was immediately intrigued by their sound. Happily, Grooveshark supplied a hefty sampler of their songs. I almost posted Loop Duplicate My Heart, but I thought it might hit a little close to home for those web addicts among us. Instead, I've decided to share Seems to be on My Mind from the same album, their third, cleverly titled "#3". They've another, surprisingly named "#4", which marks their return to the '4-track maxi-single' format that their other two albums shared. With each outing, the Kids seem to move a little more out of their jangly, self-conscious shell and to get more comfortable with their nerd-referential lyrics and geeky love songs.

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