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Rhythm Bandits - Junior Senior

Legbamel Not-Pop

As promised, I've turning to something a lot more fun and upbeat, today. Rhythm Bandits is what I think pop music should sound like. It’s bouncy, infectious, and makes me think of 60s teenagers frantically dancing. Perhaps it’s the name, Junior Senior, and perhaps it’s the energy and tongue-in-cheek cheeriness of the perky sound. If all pop music sounded like Rhythm Bandits, I’d be blogging about that and not obscure stuff of which half of you have never heard (and perhaps another third wish you hadn’t). This isn't an unqualified recommendation of Junior Senior, by any means. They're a bit of a one-trick pony, but in small doses that trick can certainly entertain.

2 Responses so far.

  1. This reminds me of an insanely happy pop version of the stuff the Welsh band, Los campesinos, do.
    I quite like it but as you have said it's a bit "Disney happy" Los Campesinos have taken that and added a cynical hard edge that makes it much more suitable for longer term listening.

  2. legbamel says:

    Yeah, it's definitely got a "Gidget on the Beach" feel to it. I'll certainly check out Los Campesinos, as I like more edge to my music, especially the cynical type. Thanks for the recommendation!

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