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Jukebox Roots: Comme des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate

Legbamel Not-Pop

Almost a year ago, I wrote about this French-Canadian young lady, Beatrice Martin, whose twee sound and lovely style would not normally be my thing but who had caught my ear. While I posted several links, I never did include a song from which you could get a sense of what Coeur de Pirate actually sounds like. Today, I'm remedying that bit of foolishness with Comme des Enfants, which I hear was a big hit in Quebec earlier this year. Ms. Martin must be 19 by now, but still her music has a maturity (and she writes and plays it herself) that belies her age. I'm hoping to hear more from her over the years, and to see if she can be as charming in English as she is in French. Lovely, charming, and sweet describe her sound on her first album, no matter what the future may bring. She's also adorable, which doesn't hurt.

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