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Drum Song - Temper Trap

Legbamel Not-Pop

Yet again, for today I have a song that I love from a band that I don't. It's not that I hate Temper Trap, I just don't love their music. It rates a "Meh" on a scale of "Bleh" to "Woo Hoo!" for me, except for Drum Song. This one get's an "Oh, Yeah". (Note: this is not a scientific scale but a personal experience. Your opinion and mileage may vary. Your input will help to refine this scale and provide valuable feedback for the standardization of these ratings...or something.)

2 Responses so far.

  1. Maddie says:

    I'm liking both the track and your levels of measurement for said track too :P

  2. legbamel says:

    Thanks! I thought that would be a little more clear than "seven stars out of ten".

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