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Sugarfoot - Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears

Legbamel Not-Pop

It seems that, of late, every time I find a great act that's new to me I find that it was at the South by Southwest festival, more affectionately known as SXSW. My jealousy of you lucky folks who get to attend that musical extravaganza has been cemented this week by yesterday's post on Phil and the Osophers and by my choice for today, Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears. My first exposure to this fabulous blues band came via the slightly-naughty funk-boogie, Sugarfoot, and it remains my favorite of their songs.

If you want to hear more, try the World Cafe session that I somehow missed back in August. If you doubt the comparisons to James Brown, the first half of Sugarfoot will convince you.

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