Ignored, Maligned, and Forgotten Music

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The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer - Dr. Dog

Legbamel Not-Pop

For my 300th post, I thought I'd throw in a nice song. It's nothing spectacular, not from one of my favorite bands, and probably not worth more than the $.98 you'd spend to download it. Nonetheless, The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer is a nice little ditty to enjoy on a grey and rainy afternoon. If you feel that's not much for a three hundredth post, consider that someone wandered by my blog in search of the answer to, "Who made balloon pants popular?" I doubt that I helped him or her in the least, but I choose to believe that at least there was some good music to ease the disappointment. If you do know the answer (MC Hammer, perhaps?) then let me know so that I can increase the value of this blog to music fashion seekers as well as listeners.

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