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Papa Wants a Cookie - John Hammond, Jr.

Legbamel Not-Pop

You've got to admire Leroy Carr's subtle wit. Listening to the lyrics of Papa Wants a Cookie, you can picture him waggling his eyebrows suggestively. Yeah, a cookie. That's what Papa wants, heh heh. Substituting food for more explicit content has worked for centuries, letting folks get away with naughty topics in song and on stage without giving those easily offended a way to reasonably object. If you suggested a song like Papa Wants a Cookie was about things Mama and Papa ought did in the privacy of their own home, Mr. Carr could pretend innocence and shock at your dirty little mind. You've got to love a good euphemism and a good song. Here, you've got both. I thought Carr's version a bit slow for a Saturday, so I've included John Hammond, Jr instead.

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