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Big-Legged Mamas Are Back in Style - Taj Mahal

Legbamel Not-Pop

While Sir Mixalot was touting the joys of much back, Taj Mahal was signing his own ode to the big booty, in a bluesier but still rollicking style designed to get you jumping, regardless of the amount of your own endowment. Kids, this one's not really for you, although there isn't anything too explicit herein. The subject matter is for grown-ups, though. My particular favorite part? It could be the WD-40 reference, but shortly thereafter Taj calls for "hammer time", introducing a piano hammmering. I'm pretty certain he's not about to do the "Hammer Dance", but you just never know with people. Whatever the case, enjoy this gun tune and let me know whether you think Sir Mixalot did a better job convincing you that a big behind is beautiful.

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