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Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park

Legbamel Not-Pop

Of all of the songs that I like, a few stand out as being worth not just repeated listens on occasion but searching out to hear for a particular mood or just for sheer enjoyment. Apply Some Pressure tops out on my Last.FM list of most-heard songs for this very reason—I like to listen to it. Not only does Maximo Park have a chair-dance classic in the song but the lyrics make me think. What does happen when you lose everything? Have I applied some pressure, and how is it turning out? Why wouldn’t he be alive next year? What is this song really about? I may not like all of my songs to engage my mind, but I’ve come up with some pretty entertaining stories about what I consider the lead character of the song and the woman to whom he’s singing. (Then again, in some stories, he telling a man he’d love to see him in that dress.) For me, that can be a mark of a great song: I want to know more of the story and I’m willing to make it up if I have to do so.

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