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Take Me to the River - Talking Heads and More

Legbamel Not-Pop

In apology for a sparse posting week, please accept this enormous pile of Take Me to the River goodness. You get not only the amazing Talking Heads cover, you get the standard Annie Lennox and The Commitments versions. But that's not all! Act now and you can hear The Memphis Horns, The Grateful Dead, and the shockingly-bad Foghat covers of the song. All of this comes complete with a version starring the original performer, Al Green, getting down with The Dave Matthews Band. Where else are you going to find this sort of fantastic variety and practicality in one place?

Whew! I'm going to have to get out of infomercial mode and just tell you that some of these covers are much, much better than others. I'll leave it to you to decide which are which. Drop me a note if I've missed someone who really deserves to be in the list.

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