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Supermarket - Nuclear Rabbit

Legbamel Not-Pop

In honor of my soon-to-occur shopping trip, I'd like to share the song that invades my head any time I find myself pulling into the parking lot of a local food store (or discussing zucchini) . You might have expected The Clash with Lost in the Supermarket, but that's only if you've never heard Nuclear Rabbit's hyperactive song, Supermarket. If you remember my Christmas song, Santa Claus Is Selling Crack, you may understand what's in store for you when you click on this link. Actually, this version, from the band's 1997 release, "Vicuna", covers a few musical styles and gives you a good taste of the variety of which Nuclear Rabbit was capable. They're rooted in a mutant sort of ska-punk, with a healthy dose of thrash metal and a dash of funk thrown in for good measure. Now I'm off to the grocery store.

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