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Sugar Lights - Amaya Laucirica

Legbamel Not-Pop

I recently received an e-mail from Andrew Keese, whom I reviewed with The Associates some months ago. He shared another singer with me, Amaya Laucirica, and her new album "Sugar Lights". I made haste to listen to the songs not only because of Mr. Keese's recommendation but because he plays on the album as well (as does Andrew Cowie, one of The Associates).

"Sugar Lights" has some beautiful music on it and Ms. Laucirica does good vocal work. The songs tend a little toward country and a lot toward mellow and soulful. My favorite is the title track of the album, Sugar Lights, a more uptempo and somewhat heavier track but one which showcases the lyrical and musical abilities of both Andrew Keese and Amaya Laucirica. Take a listen, and check out more on her MySpace profile.

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