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Kissie Show - Mynx

Legbamel Not-Pop

I apparently missed the big Mynx blowup over I'm So LA, about which many people have made Right Said Fred comparisons, including the one-hit gimmick accusation. I only uncovered it after hearing Kissie Show today. I must say that I much prefer the B-52s-gone-electro sound of the latter (regardless of how many people have made that same comparison. It's apt). The duo embrace a raucous, bouncy, 80s sound that I imagine would play very well in dance clubs at all hours of the night. Then again, I suspect that it will play well in my living room, where I'd be the only one dancing. Kissie Show is a little naughty to enjoy with the kids, although it's not quite explicit. I just don't want to explain why he's got a snake in his pants.

I must apologize for only including the 30-second preview, but I can't find the track anywhere else to embed. Someday, maybe I'll invest in hosting mp3s so that I don't have to rely on anyone else.

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